For every season, a toxicity

The toxicity here has continued more less unabated since my Winter of Disbelief post. These people are amazing: My daughter’s room has been rendered unusable these past weeks due to an undescribable sweet solvent/heavy fuel type smell from the neighbors below that doesn’t completely disappear even with the window wide open. In another unusable room as well as the living room, transient blasts of solvent or paint smell appear mysteriously and then disappear, usually rather quickly, thankfully. And in my toddler son’s room, we’ve gotten used to almost daily smokey/perfumey smells rising from below, invariably just after we here someone arriving home in the late afternoon. The mother insists that they use no aromatizers or incense, so we’ve come to believe that it’s her teenage daughters that are using either papier d’arménie or a “Lampe Berger” to cover up cigarette and/or hasish odors that we sometimes smell, just prior to the smokey scent smell (pour couvrir la fumée de cigarette et/ou de shit qu’on croit sentir aussi de temps en temps). I wonder also if the ocassional solvent smell is also a means of odor elimination employed by these young ladies. (Je me demande aussi si les solvent sont aussi parfois un moyen d’éliminer ou de “neutraliser” la fumée de tabac et de shit.)

And it gets better. Last week there were several days of spring-like weather, and I noticed that some bugs were starting to come out (spiders, bees, small flies). Well, it wasn’t long before I was gassed out in the stairwell by Raid, and then also noticed the beloved insecticide rising into my son’s bedroom. At times, we’ve been sleeping all four of us in the living room. There really should be a Toxics Anonymous for people like this.

Luckily for us we will be out of here at the end of the month. Yes, we’re moving to try to save our lives, and crossing our fingers and toes that the new place will be better built (more vapor-proof) and have less toxic neighbors. A BIG ASK, I know. As for the toxic family below, I plan to provide them with documentation on the risks they’re taking, but I don’t think it will do a damn bit of good. If three rare cancers all within 20 or so feet of them doesn’t make them stop and wonder, what will? Poor things. More details on this horrid architecture and my hypotheses on these cancers at some later date.


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