Fragrance equals clean, but of course!

I heard this argument yet again in my new building, from the cleaning guy, as he was mopping the entrance floor today:

(paraphasing) “Yes, I understand the smell (fragrance) bothers you, but most people like it, because when they smell that smell they know that we’ve been by to clean the floors.”

I’ve heard this at least 4 times now, in four different locations.

This is typical French marketing/sales BS. In other words, the cleaning product makers tell potential customers, “Oh, you need a strong smelling, long lasting smell cleaner, because otherwise people will think you didn’t clean the floors”. (And of course ours smells stronger and lasts longer than the competition’s!) And the French are absolute suckers for any such BS sales argument. (It’s really unbelievable how gullible French can be, but that’s another story.)

And you can easily imagine the nod and wink about how, well, sometimes you miss a day of cleaning here or there, for reasons beyond your control, of course, and well, what they don’t know won’t hurt them, and after all the fragrance will still be there 5 days later…


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